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Yoga for People with Pain and Injuries

This is a class for those who would love to try yoga but find traditional yoga classes intimidating, too difficult, or are just looking for a safe environment to explore yoga. Powers Physical Therapy will be working with local yoga instructors to provide private, semi-private and small group classes.

About the class:

Each class begins with attention to the body and the breath.  We will go through some mild warm-ups before moving through the postures.  The sequence of movements allows you to access the postures safely and in correct alignment.  Specific visual and verbal cues will be used throughout class, and modifications will be given for all levels of practitioners.  Class will end with nourishing stretches, a period of relaxation, and renewed attention to the breath.  Class is one hour in length. 




About Erin Marchal:

Erin Marchal is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She completed yoga training in May 2016 and has been teaching in a variety of environments since then.


Her experience includes providing yoga classes to students aged three to older adults, and for those at many fitness levels.

She has found that people come to yoga for all kinds of reasons - to gain strength, to complement other fitness activities, to connect mind and body. No matter what the reasons are they return to their practice because they have discovered something meaningful and beneficial.

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